The beef jerky industry today is like a heard of cows all standing in a field, it is growing all the time but it’s much of the same old, sure some have different spots and may look different, only to find much of the same. We’re different, we don’t believe in short-cuts, preservatives and chemicals. We believe in REAL, QUALITY JERKY. That’s why we only use 100% top round beef, sure we could save a few dimes and use scrap meat like some of the other guys, but that not who we are, and it’s not what you deserve. We believe in marinating our beef for no less than 36 hours bring out the each of the subtle flavors of our recipes.

We have been hand slicing each piece for 15 years and we still stick to the original recipes today. So don’t fall into the heard of the ordinary. Be classy, and stay classy with the 100% real beef jerky from the Classy Cow.